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Coach Lara and Coach Torrez have worked together professionally for nearly a DECADE!  She is the ONLY resource that Coach Torrez recommends for nutrition guidance.

Check out her bio to learn more about her approach to healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Nutrition programming

Nutrition Guidance Program:

When you are ready to improve your body composition, be healthier and feel better, then make a commitment to learning through our Albuquerque nutrition programs. Cookie-cutter meal plans, fasting/dieting programs that provide you with processed shakes and protein bars, cleansing diets, and their expensive juices….none of these approaches are sustainable.

For many people, nutrition is an afterthought. They train hard but they don’t plan for their meals, they eat processed fast food or they skip meals altogether and then binge eat.

If you have failed at improving your nutrition but you have made a new commitment to yourself, then it is time to meet with a professional nutritionist in Albuquerque who can guide you. Stop failing and start seeing results.

Lara’s teaching style is simple but requires work on your part. You will be required to keep a food log the week prior to your first consultation.

Her approach is about gradual changes that get established over time. You will have the freedom to schedule follow-ups when you are ready.

Full nutrition consultations are 45 minutes ($50+ tax) and short consultations are half hour ($35+tax).

In-person and online sessions available.

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