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Building Strong Bodies

Providing individualized personal programming, with the highest quality coaching, combined with the benefits of a group atmosphere.

"I can't say enough good things about this gym! Coach David will tailor an individual workout plan according to your specific goals. The members of the gym feel like family and are motivating, encouraging and supportive of one another. Coach will get you fit and strong before you know it...and you'll have fun getting there! Whether your goal is to increase general fitness, prevent or recover from an injury, become a national record holding power lifter (like many of the members here) or compete in strong man/woman competitions, this gym is phenomenal!"

- Amanda S



TNT Gym has been developing & growing for over 20+ years.

We are unique in that we offer the highest level of coaching, formal education, & experience at our Albuquerque gym and we deliver it with personal programming in a group format.

Our Albuquerque gym is a private garage gym and while we endeavor to provide the best for the individual, we seek members that are going to contribute and help our gym family grow.

In this garage gym, we improve on your BODY MACHINE with our extensive TOOLBOX, wielded by very capable MECHANICS!

TNT Gym is a family that does more than just train together.

Many activities take place outside of training at our Albuquerque gym including BBQs, poker games, holiday celebrations, and other group activities.

All these components contribute to ADHERENCE and CONSISTENCY, which ultimately leads to a lifetime of healthy exercise!

TNT Gym is dedicated to you & all those that seek physical strength and fitness improvement through our various personal training programs.

TOGETHER, we can cut through the nonsense and start getting REAL RESULTS!




The programs and training at our Albuquerque, family-oriented gym are second to none and continually evolve.

We know how to get you STRONGER, but we also have the wisdom to know that there is more to FITNESS than just “lifting."

We are unique in a few ways:

  • The EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE of our coaching staff. 30 combined years of coaching experience on STAFF at all times!

  • QUALITY of your PROGRAMMING.  You can TRUST that your programming is on point for your GOALS and that you are being taught techniques and skills to keep you training injury FREE for continued improvements over time!

  • KNOWLEDGEABLE and QUALIFIED guidance for SPECIAL POPULATIONS such as senior population, pre- & post-orthopedic surgeries, youth development, powerlifting, and strongman.

  • Our members say that along with the above benefits, what keeps them coming back is the WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT and the FRIENDSHIPS made here!


Our Albuquerque family gym supports and encourages every person who trains here with truly NO JUDGMENT!

We have built a GYM FAMILY encompassing youth, family, and senior fitness, that is centered on the improvements of PHYSICAL CULTURE.


Direct Coaching Programs

Click below to learn more about all the Coaching Programs we offer in our Albuquerque gym!

Every Program has been test driven for over 20 years.  Fine tune your body.  Build it to last!

Let our Body Mechanics provide the framework and coaching to upgrade your body machine from Version 1 to 
Version 2.0 and BEYOND!

"The body is a marvelous machine...a chemical laboratory, a power-house. Every movement, voluntary or involuntary, full of secrets and marvels."  -Theodor Herzl


Nutrition Guidance

The fuel for your body machine!

An engine can only run optimally on the proper fuel.

Get the DIRECTION & SUPERVISION you need to put the best fuel in your body and MAXIMIZE your training efforts.

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